During my hay days in UAE once H.H. Shaikh Mohammad bin Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the current ruler of Dubai & Vice president of UAE addressing a gathering, candidly but in a well-founded tone, said, “change or you will be changed”. Well, in amplification of my opinion, the word “CHANGE” fell a little short of its true structural sagacity. Had His Highness used the word “TRANSFORM” then his saying would have structured “Gear-up for transformation or You will be transformed”. Distance between CHANGE & TRANSFORMATION has not narrowed but diminished by all scalable measures within the current swiftness of technological get-up-and-go audacity. The change was a BPR (Business Process Re-Engineering) It is no more the case – Having said so, I do not mean at all that change is not inevitable- it is indeed- and we must welcome the inevitable. However, the change process is slow, incremental & step after step whereas transformation is rapid & needs a great deal of superior know-how from conceptualization to implementation. Digitalization/transformation is a wide term & definition varies from context to context therefore I will restrict my explanation in the context of digital transformation- “Digital transformation is the process of incorporation of digital technology into all operational segments of an organization, fundamentally, changing how the establishment operate and deliver value to patrons. To be precise, transformation is a foundational shift from current operative procedures to technology propelled methods”

Today’s business community is faced with ever-growing transformation challenges. Studies & surveys from top-ranked business schools divulge that a significantly high percentage of top companies in all traditional business sectors are being superseded by digital innovators. Yet many companies are either unaware of the risks or are failing at the board level to take pre-emptive measures to deal with a well foreseeable scary situation. While their C- Suite in their estimation acknowledge & firmly endorsed the veracity that digitalization & automation are the real game-changer to meet the challenges of today & tomorrow. But fear of the unknown, lack of understanding, entrapment in “May Be” Or May Not BE” attitude & finite financial resources prevent them to spare budgets to meet these challenges. While, I may reluctantly second their opposition to such trivial arrogance, Yet, it does not alter the factual ground realities a bit that “Gear-up for transformation or You will be transformed”

All well said & done – What is the solution? how to overcome pitfalls? How to control costs? How to continue current operations while undergoing digitalization? How to convince current staff to learn new methods of operations? Staff replacement? bench making? Etc. are the questions that will possibly defocus an entrepreneur’s mind from the current state of business affairs & consequently prompt him to defer the imperative.

C-suite holders, let us firmly agree beyond marginal limitations that Digital Transformation is no longer an optional issue it is a naked truth even if we are reluctant to accept it. Let your board members, governing bodies, and owners know businesses will be “survival of the fittest” especially for traditional companies battling tough competition in a rapidly-changing corporate landscape. Give them a to- the- point presentation, show them precise SWOT analysis, give them a true reflection of money spent versus long-term business benefits & sustainability.

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